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Welcome to the Philosophical Vegan channel

Our goal is to stimulate and inform debates on philosophy and science around vegan issues, and vegan adjacent issues such as environmentalism, ethics, and activism.

If you haven't, be sure to check out the forum and wiki. These serve as the basis for most subject matter on the channel.

Philosophical Vegan deals mainly with meta-activism, as a resource for vegans and our allies working toward environmental and animal welfare ends, but we welcome non-vegans for discussion and debate on the subjects too and we hope these videos can be entertaining and educational for anybody interested in philosophy, ethics, or environmentalism.

Beyond forum and wiki content, you'll find debates, philosophical criticism, and collaborations here on the channel, as well as Q&As

We mean to help foster community of rational minded vegans and curious allies on youtube and beyond.

The most important thing is being willing to question assumptions and go beyond dogma to support our values with reasoned arguments and evidence. We hold that it is reasoned argument, not emotional appeal, that will move the open minded among the intellectual influencers out there to go vegan. Sometimes not right away. But we can at least put some pebbles in shoes.

Not that we're opposed to cute animal videos, or the shocking ones in the right context. That can work for some, particularly as a final push for somebody who already agrees with veganism on a philosophical level, but it's not our focus, so you won't see very much in the way of slaughterhouse footage here and certainly not without some warning. You might see more cute animals though.

Work in Progress

0. Open Letter to Matt (Mirror)

google drive copies

1. How to use media more productively

As viewer, commentator, contributor and/or creator.

2. How to use the philosophical vegan wiki

Scrolling screen capture and explanation for most practical uses.

3. Vegan & Anti-Vegan joint taskforce against dangerous individuals

Acknowledging the failings and embaressing approaches at vegan activism that would bring unconvinced people together to want to share stories and have a laugh. How we can create space for people to blow off steam at interactions with truly dogmatic people, so they don't get lost to a group of reactionairies affirming eachothers further biased conclusions..

How to avoid promoting dangerous ideas. Allowing time to debate bad ideas, but not to host and let fester dangerous ideas unchallenged.

Political spectrum and extremes of ideologies. Mental health, incel terrorism and school shootings.

4. Top 25 Most influential moments for veganism in history.


Forum Game/Debate: Most important moments in vegan history.

My animal ethics history blog post

5. Benetar Response

forum thread

6. Anti-Natalism in the vegan movement

Various expressions of rational to fatalist online, geographically and historically.

Youtube Anti-Natalists

He debunks himself often enough reminding us that his words are just the product of scar tissue basically rerouted brain tissue through long-term depression he’s grown too used to to abandon. Just a negative utilitarian who doesn’t see any virtue in accepting the limits of human control, it’s bizarrely religious in that he clings to the sense that the only meaning could come from if there were a merciful god that would fix all of nature.

Possibly take down of his joke theory of everything essay:

Rational Wiki wrote: Gary Mosher: Physics crank who fervently asserts an alternate "theory of everything", rejecting all evidence of special/general relativity and the double slit experiment. He is also known as "inmendham", and alternately proposes a "destroy all life" philosophy.




7. Freegan Practices Explainer and Open Letter to Vegan Advocates


Wiki page on freeganism

Video library page on freeganism