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The content of this wiki is primarily based on discussions on the Philosophical Vegan Forum, and contributions from the community.

The goal is to create an evidence based resource of vegan philosophy and related issues.

All content is currently copyright, all rights reserved.

We are in discussion about which Creative Commons license to use. Future licensing will probably be, but is not guaranteed to be, CC-BY-ND for purposes of allowing use with credit/link and without modification (so quotes can not simply be changed by those citing them). For reference, here is the license under consideration: [1] (which we have not decided on yet)

When adding to the wiki, be sure to place any limited section of text that is not your own (or for which we do not have permission from the owner to include in the wiki, found here for the philosophical vegan forum: [2]) in quotes and cite the source. For example, if you take a quote from Wikipedia (which has an incompatible license) be sure that it is limited, in quotes, cited, and fair use. Avoid copying entire pages, and limit the quoted text to what is absolutely essential (better yet, go to the original source and write original text to avoid citing Wikipedia)

You warrant any content submitted to be free from copyright issues, either being yours or being added with permission.

It should go without saying that when you submit your own content, you grant us the right to use and display it, and to license it under whatever license we ultimately decide upon. You of course don't lose the right to reuse your own content elsewhere or license it more permissibly (but you do not gain the rights to content that does not belong to you or that is derivative of others).