The current state of vegan periodicals, pamphlets & leaflets.

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Topics include philosophy, activism, effective altruism, plant-based nutrition, and diet advice/discussion whether high carb, low carb (eco atkins/vegan keto) or anything in between.
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The current state of vegan periodicals, pamphlets & leaflets.

Post by NonZeroSum » Thu May 23, 2019 6:39 am


Animal Liberation Periodicals

Most are free to view online, but the price is shown next to those which aren’t. See here for the same list sorted by publication schedule.

In Short


• Eurogroup for Animals
• Earth Island
• World Wildlife (WWF)
• Viva! Life
• The Vegan (The Vegan Society)
• Howl (Hunt Saboteurs Association)
• Irish Wildlife (Wildlife Trust)
• Animal Liberation
• Outrage (Animal Aid)
• All Animals (Humane Society)


• Minnesota Conservation Volunteer
• Journal of Wildlife Rehabilitation
• Raptor Release

Low Impact

• The Ethical Consumer


• Vegan Life
• Little Green Seedling
• The Animals Voice
• Animal Culture
• Driftwood
• VegNews
• Laika
• Thrive
• Between the Species


• Animal People
• Barefoot Vegan



Eurogroup for Animals

Research and Lobbying.

Earth Island

Combining investigative journalism, thought-provoking commentary, and art to highlight the subtle but profound connections between the environment and other contemporary issues. We go beyond daily headlines to explore environmental concerns from a wide range of perspectives — from the personal to the political, the local to the global — and produce the type of investigative reporting and narrative writing found in few other environmental magazines. We put our principles next to our reporting and marshal the facts to make a passionate argument for defending Earth. Our unique brand of environmental journalism is a key resource for anyone eager to help protect our shared planet.

World Wildlife (WWF)

World Wildlife magazine provides an inspiring, in-depth look at the connections between animals, people and our planet. Published quarterly by WWF, the magazine helps make you a part of our efforts to solve some of the most pressing issues facing the natural world.

Viva! Life

No general description available. The latest issue features an interview with radio presenter Sarah Jane Crawford and a feature on their 25th Anniversary.

The Vegan (The Vegan Society) – £3 Digital or £12 Post

Are you looking for up-to-date information regarding all things vegan? Are you tired of reading through magazines only to find minimal vegan content? Well, despair no more! You can subscribe to The Vegan Society's quarterly magazine is packed full of vegan content ranging from news, food, interviews, current issues, book reviews and of course, some fabulous and creative recipes. Read about issues as diverse as raw foods, senior nutrition, vegan celebs and vegan festivals - there's always something for everyone.

Howl (Hunt Saboteurs Association) – £5

No general description available. The latest issue contains articles on the HSA Committee, Getting Press, Sabbing the New Forest Buckhounds, Hunt sabs and the law part 5, Group News, Vermin Patrol and News.

Irish Wildlife (Wildlife Trust) – €3.75-8.75

Excellent production values, high-quality photographic images, attractive and informative articles on all aspects of Irish wildlife.

Animal (Animal Liberation) – $10-20

Jam-packed with interesting articles, reviews, recipes, and more.

Outrage (Animal Aid) – £8-21 Post

Every member really does make a difference, giving us greater credibility when speaking out through the media, schools and high streets of Britain. And as a member, you will receive Outrage magazine, with ideas of how to join in the campaigning.

All Animals (Humane Society) – £25 for all future printed

The latest on how you're helping us fight for all animals, as well as profiles of people on the front lines, tips for caring for your pets and protecting wildlife, heartwarming tales of rescue and rehab, actions you can take and more. Beautifully illustrated and thoroughly researched, All Animals will inspire you and keep you informed on the issues you care about.



Minnesota Conservation Volunteer

"This magazine is as much a Minnesota tradition as ice fishing and summer weekends at the lake," said editor-in-chief Kathleen Weflen. "Some people refer to us as their little National Geographic. People feel it's their magazine." Though the Volunteer is a university publication, Weflen said it has always been given autonomy. "We don't have to get approval from commissioners for stories, and we've never had a story pulled," said Weflen. "I can't say they're always happy." But the well-regarded magazine clearly is a good public relations vehicle for an agency that often is in the hot seat.

Journal of Wildlife Rehabilitation - $18

Has served as a primary reference for wildlife rehabilitators and others involved in the care and conservation of wildlife since 1977. The goals of this publication are:

1) To serve as the primary benefit to IWRC Members by providing reliable, relevant and useful information for wildlife rehabilitators and others involved in the care, treatment and conservation of wildlife.

2) To act as a bridge publication between the wildlife rehabilitation field and the broader scientific community in order to promote the professionalism and credibility of wildlife rehabilitation.

Raptor Release

In addition to articles about The Raptor Center's teaching, research, and service activities, the magazine contains regular features including news from The Raptor Center and upcoming events.


Low Impact

The Ethical Consumer - £5

Each issue features detailed product guides, news of ethical products and campaigns, in-depth features, opinion, comment, boycott updates, readers' letters, and much more. Discover the truth behind the products we buy and the companies we buy them from.



Vegan Life – £3.35

About more than a meat and dairy free diet – the magazine covers all aspects of living a cruelty-free lifestyle, from food and sustainability, to animal compassion and environmental issues. It is the go-to resource for anyone interested in plant-based food and culture.

Little Green Seedling

All things compassionate, sustainable and vegan! Covering; animal rights activism, vegan food, vegan permaculture, meditation and yoga, rewilding, green living, minimalism, alternative living spaces (tiny houses, vans, etc.), creating your ideal life & reconnecting with nature.

The Animals Voice – $3 Digital & $10 Post

Laura Moretti founded The Animals Voice in 1986. Coupling her passion for the rights of animals with her design and writing skills, she began publishing the magazine as a means to unite the various animal protection groups in existence at the time — because there’s strength in numbers.

Animal Culture - $10 Digital

Aspires to educate, motivate, and celebrate by featuring exclusive and timely interviews with artists, writers, and other animal advocates, along with book reviews, humane education, visual culture information, cruelty-free product reviews, plant-based recipes, and legislative alerts.

Addresses head-on the issues that animals confront—such as their lives in shelters and the harsh conditions they face in the food, entertainment, fashion, and research industries. The magazine shines a spotlight on those animals who are hidden, misunderstood, and not listened to—as well as those human beings who are fighting to protect them.

Driftwood – $4.25 Digital & $12.50 Print

If you aspire to be the ultimate vegan globetrotter, this is the magazine for you. Each issue is full of vegan travel stories and profiles of prominent figures in the community. The magazine describes itself as a “travel and culture digest for the graduated vegan”.

VegNews – $5 USD

The latest news in the vegan world, travel, recipes, interviews with animal rights activists and plant-based celebrities, practical advice and much more are packed into each issue of this must-read magazine.

Laika – $5 Digital & $8 Post

A melting pot of all things vegan from fashion, beauty, food, travel, and activism. The magazine seeks to reflect how amazing and vibrant a lifestyle focused on kindness can be.

Thrive – $5 USD

If you are looking for tips and tricks to improve this New Year, this is the magazine you want. Thrive’s mission statement is to provide inspiration and tools to all who seek to better themselves. Each month influencers in the plant-based world are featured; musicians, artists, social entrepreneurs and athletes. You can also find nutritional advice and delicious vegan recipes in each issue.

Between the Species

A peer-reviewed electronic journal devoted to the philosophical examination of the relationship between human beings and other animals. While most articles are ethical inquiries, others raise issues involving metaphysics, epistemology and other areas of philosophical investigation. Between the Species is an open access journal: users have the right to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of articles.



Barefoot Vegan – $2 for all past digital

The digital version of Barefoot Vegan Magazine was published between 2015 – 2017. Focusing on all things veganism, it also included content on spirituality, community building, social justice, and sustainable living. Featuring interviews with people such as Colleen Patrick Goudreau, Kip Anderson, Shaun Monson, Tracye McQuirter, Robert Grillo, Brenda Sanders, James Aspey and many more!

Animal People

A newspaper that reported current events related to animal protection around the world. In 2014 the newspaper was retired, and the organization’s resources pooled into development of a new, online project that would better serve the needs of the humane cause in the 21st century. Today, Animal People continues to fulfill its longstanding educational mission through the Animal People Forum, a global platform where people from all backgrounds can submit content, network, and discuss and debate issues and perspectives relevant to the animal protection movement.


Vegetarianism, environmentalism, animal advocacy and social justice.



Animal Liberation Pamphlets & Leaflets



• Vegan Society
• Animal Equality
• One Step for Animals
• Mercy for the Animals


• Vegan Outreach
• Peta
• Be Fair Be Vegan


• Animal Aid
• Peta
• Animal Justice Project
• Hunt Saboteurs Association
• Viva



Vegan Society - Free


• Vegan for the environment
• Why vegan?
• Vegan for the animals
• Vegan 101


• 30 day vegan pledge sign up form to get an online mentor


• Plant power
• Plant based nutrition
• Veguide flyer


• Aubergine and chickpea penne
• Sweet potato soup
• Carrot and walnut cake
• Raspberry chocolate cake
• Celebration fruit crown
• Koshari with masala spiced chickpeas and tumeric roasted cauliflower
• Giant tortilla chips with rainbow dips


• The Grow Green leaflet is also available for download and print.


• Vegan prisoners booklet


Animal Equality - Download or Apply to Volunteer

• Make a Difference guide
• LoveVeg flyers


One Step for Animals - Email to order

• One Step for Animals Leaflet


Mercy for the Animals - Store Website Down



Vegan Outreach - Free or Donation


• Compassionate Choices
• Why Vegan
• Compassionate Athlete and Guide to Animal-Free Eating
• Everyone Loves Music
• What Is Speciesism?
• Guide to a Compassionate Lifestyle—geared toward the Indian-American community
• Fight Climate Change with Diet Change
• Christian Veg Association

Other Languages

• El poder de nuestras elecciones alimentarias


Peta - $5 for 50


• Why Christians Should Be Vegan Leaflet
• Guide to Going Vegan
• 'Hug a Vegan' Day Combo Pack
• Animal Rights Mission Brochure
• Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide
• Environmental Leaflet
• Save the Planet Leaflet
• Think Before You Eat Leaflet


• Humane Meat Leaflet
• Foie Gras Leaflet


• Fur, Leather, WoolExotic Skins Leaflet
• Down Leaflet
• Shear Cruelty Leaflet
• No Excuse For Fur Leaflet
• No Excuse for Fur Leaflet Spanish

Cruel Sports/Entertainment

• Circus Leaflet
• Plight of the Elephant Booklet
• Rodeo Leaflet
• SeaWorld Leaflet
• Bullfighting Leaflet (English/Spanish)

Companion Animal Welfare

• Adoption Spay & Neuter leaflet
• Don't Chain Dogs Brochure
• Hot Dogs in Cars Leaflet
• Chained-Dog Brochure Spanish

Unnecessary Animal Experimentation

• Anti-Experimentation Leaflet
• Animal Testing Leaflet


Be Fair Be Vegan - Email to order

• The True Face of Dairy; Killed for his Mother's Milk
• The True Face of Dairy; Their First and Last Day Together
• The True Face of Eggs; One Day Old and His Life Is Over
• The True Face of Eggs; Eggs For You Suffering For Her
• Different But Equal
• They Hurt Like We Do



Animal Aid - Free or Donation

Veganism and Animal Farming
• Friend or Food?
Why love one animal…but eat another?
• It’s Time To Go Vegan
Why you should go vegan
• You can help stop the suffering
What our undercover filming has exposed about animal farming
• Killed in Cold Blood
About fish, fishing and fish farming
• This Little Calf…
The truth about the dairy industry
• This Little Chick…
The truth about the egg industry
• Go Vegan Protect the Planet
The impact of animal farming on the environment
• Already vegan?
Going vegan is the single biggest thing you can do to help animals. But if you’re already vegan, this leaflet explains what else you can do to make a difference.
• Don’t support animal gift schemes
The argument against providing farmed animals to people in less developed countries
• Happy Christmas?
Describes the conditions inside turkey farms and suggests meat-free alternatives for Christmas dinner


• If you could save a life – would you?
Slaughter of animals for food.

Horse Racing

• Cruelty. You Can Bet on it
• Sanctuary not Cruelty
• Cheltenham Festival leaflet


• The Game Bird Industry: It’s not a game, it’s a disgrace
• End the sale of gun magazines to children
• End ‘Game Bird’ Cage Cruelty
Campaign leaflet calling for an end to the use of battery cages for breeding pheasants and partridges


• Wildlife in Danger
Animals and birds are routinely killed simply because their lives bring them into contact with people.
• Badger cull
This leaflet points out the futility of the badger cull policy and the link between the badger cull and the dairy industry

Unnecessary Animal experiments

• Mice Matterunfortunate circumstances - Google Search
Campaign leaflet for our Mice Matter campaign which aims to educate people about the sensitivity of mice; how this cannot be accommodated in laboratories; how mice deserve the same consideration as other animals and how they differ from humans.
• Heal Not Harm
The Royal Veterinary College carries out vivisection that seriously harms animals
• Don’t leave a legacy of suffering
Don’t leave money in your will to a charity that funds animal experiments
• Animal Experiments: Cruel and Unreliable
The case against vivisection
• The Nightmare World of GM Mice
• Is your money paying for animal experiments
Research charities and vivisection


• Already vegan?
Going vegan is the single biggest thing you can do to help animals. But if you’re already vegan, this leaflet explains what else you can do to make a difference.
• Animals in War: Victims not Heroes
Commemorating the animal victims of war
• Do You Want to Help Animals?
Describes the work of Animal Aid and asks for support
• Free School Talks
Promotes Animal Aid’s school speaker service to teachers
• School Speakers
Encourages people to become a school speaker for Animal Aid
• Compassionate Christmas
Ten easy steps to a compassionate Christmas including animal friendly fashion, food and fun.
• Unhappy Christmas for reindeer…
Describes the problems with using live reindeer at Christmas events


• Animal Experiments
• Love Animals?
Leaflet on vegetarianism


Peta - Free or Donation


• Milk
• Fortnum & Mason


• Canada Goose
• Anti-Fur Cards

Animal Sports/Entertainment

• Bullfights

Unnecessary Animal Testing

• Animal Testing
• Air France


• Fishing

Companion Animal Welfare

• Crufts


Animal Justice Project - £1.50 or more donation

• Choose Vegan! Outreach leaflets
• Be Their Christmas Miracle leaflets

Companion Animal Welfare

• B&K leaflet

Unnecessary Animal Experimentation

• Campus Without Cruelty leaflets
• Campus Without Cruelty flyers: Leicester University
• Campus Without Cruelty flyers: Nottingham University
• Campus Without Cruelty flyers: Birmingham University
• Campus Without Cruelty flyers: Manchester University
• Campus Without Cruelty flyers: Sheffield
• Campus Without Cruelty flyers: Cardiff
• Campus Without Cruelty flyers: Scotland
• Campus Without Cruelty flyers: Bristol
• Campus Without Cruelty flyers: London
• MISSING leaflets
• Cures Not Cruelty flyers
• Suffering in Secrecy flyers
• Porton Down flyer
• Deadly Doses leaflet
• Secret War leaflet

Organization Fundraising

• Fundraising leaflets


Hunt Saboteurs Association - Email to order

• Still saving lives! - General explainer
• Ssssshhhhhh don't mention cub hunting
• What's going on here then? - Sabbing tactics


Viva - Most are £0.75 for 50


• Energy Efficient Eating Leaflets
• Honey, I've Eaten a Whole Menagerie Leaflets


• Britain's Hardest Working Mother Leaflets
• TRASH leaflets
• The Save Movement Leaflets x50
• Goodbye Baby Leaflets
• Scary Dairy leaflets
• Think Before You Drink Leaflets
• Hogwood Horror Farm leaflets
• Go Healthy, Go Vegan leaflets
• Viva!Health
• Dairy-free Pocket Rocket Leaflets
• Why Vegan Leaflets
• Reasons to go Veggie Part 1: Farmed Animals Leaflets
• Reasons to go Veggie Part 2: Nutrition Leaflets
• Reasons to go Veggie Part 3: Recipes Leaflets
• Face Off Leaflets
• And You Thought Cages Had Gone... Leaflets
• Tired of being packed in? Leaflets
• Going Dairy-Free Super Pack
• Scary Dairy Stall Pack
• Dump Dairy (Badger) Leaflets
• Goats' Milk... Don't be Fooled Leaflets
• Torture Victims (Foie-Gras) Leaflets
• No Water No Life Leaflets
• Piggles Leaflets
• Peace to All (Turkey) Leaflets

Store Campaign

• Tesco: Dump Hogwood! Leaflets
• The Orphan Joeys... (Kangaroo) Leaflets

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