Re-introducing the Eurasian Lynx to the UK

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Re-introducing the Eurasian Lynx to the UK

Post by NonZeroSum » Wed May 03, 2017 3:23 pm

Over at my Nan's and just watched a great segment on BBC One in the UK on how the Eurasian Lynx is flourishing in Germany and keeping down invasive species. One thing the conservationist said which really struck home was we're encouraging countries in the Global South to put aside land to protect wildlife but not doing it here in the West, so we need to have the conviction to set a good example.

It wont be out on youtube for a while yet but you can find it if you skip back on this live channel link -

Here's a 3 minute piece that ran on Al Jazeera -

And an article advocating for it's re-introduction -
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