History of the debate between AskYourself and brimstoneSalad

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History of the debate between AskYourself and brimstoneSalad

Post by NonZeroSum » Thu Mar 01, 2018 3:45 am


Short Version

AY dismissing FriendEd with poor use of NTT, Brim highlighting the contradictions so could address the root implications of FriendEd's philosophy with him, since then AY portraying us as pushing absurdly complicated advocacy, when we're simply critiquing his arguments and philosophy.


Medium Version

AskYourself being called up on his alienating persona and argument style by other vegans.

Ask Yourself & Vegan Gains call out to debate the Skeptic community.

FriendEd labeling vegans objectivists to disregard one true morality, Ask Yourself denying this and trying to use namethetrait as formal logic.

PhiloVegan commenting namethetrait is coherent as formal logic only under consequential ethics and asking for some humility.

AskYourself insisting he’s an ontological subjectivist, namethetrait is perfect, building an echo chamber and binging on calling everyone a retard.

UnnaturalVegan offering her opinion that PhiloVegan is right, that namethetrait is fine as informal argument but not as formal logic, promising she’ll do a video if he can get a professor to agree with it.

This Philosophical Vegan Wiki produce an article on NTT which:
. . .discusses the three primary issues with NTT. Firstly, it discusses its logical invalidity, and how its invalidity can create problems. Secondly, it discusses problems with the justifications used by Ask Yourself to defend the premises of the first, "for animal moral value" argument validity of the argument. And thirdly, the article discusses various problems with the second, less widely discussed "for veganism from animal moral value" argument, which suggests a potentially dubious, unclear, and rigid commitment to non-exploitation.
Brim writes the article "Why #NameTheTrait is the Worst Argument for Veganism Around: Guest Post by Philosophical Vegan"

AskYourself has UnethicalVegan on his discord chat.


Long Version

• Ask Yourself - Skeptic community debate challenge.

• Friend Ed - Veganism: Ethical Imperative or Moral Crusade?

• Friend Ed & Ask Yourself - Vegan Discussion w/ Ask Yourself

• Friend Ed & Vegan Gains - FriendEd vs VeganGains Debate

• Ask Yourself, Banana Warrior Princess & Ask Yourself - Saturday Night Live

• Friend Ed - How to Win a Vegan Debate w/ Ask Yourself...

• Philosophical Vegan - Live conversation plan

FriendEd fails again (Ask Yourself)

Philosophical Vegan - Telling AY you frame your arguments like a moral objectivist

Friend Ed - How to Confuse Ask Yourself / Hint: Use Logic

• Philosophical Vegan's comment - ‘AskYourself is acting in a way that is painful to see for my own side’

• Chris Hines - Discussing FriendEd's 'In Group' Argument and More!

Talking to Vegans About Moral Psychology | Ask Yourself, Chris Hines, Philosophical Vegan

FriendEd vs. Chris Hines and the Vegan Debate Death Squad

Ask Yourself, Banana Warrior Princess & Chris Hines - Anti Vegan Videos of the Week

A Discussion of Morality - Darren McStravick, Vegan Gains & Ask Yourself

A Discussion of Morality #2 "What is the 'Name The Trait' argument?" (SPECIAL GUEST: Ask Yourself)

Absolutely demolishing Philosophical Vegan (Ask Yourself)

Ask Yourself - Unnatural Vegan debate challenge

Ask Yourself - Twitter calling in fans and summary

Ask Yourself responds to forum posts:
Schwitzgebel's "no relevant difference" like NTT (but valid?)
Great comments on new #namethetrait video

Philosophical Vegan Wiki article on Name The Trait

Unravelling Philosophical Vegan's convoluted autism.
Transcript: http://philosophicalvegan.com/wiki/index.php/Talk:NameTheTrait#Sourcing_from_AY.27s_response

Why #NameTheTrait is the Worst Argument for Veganism Around: Guest Post by Philosophical Vegan

Unethical Vegans debate with Ask Yourself:
Name The Trait ? More like #nameTheInference
Ask Yourself NTT argument easily debunked #TheTraitIsHumanDNA
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