Social Justice / Intersectional Approach (Pros and cons, suggest your own)

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Social Justice / Intersectional Approach (Pros and cons, suggest your own)

Post by NonZeroSum » Wed Nov 01, 2017 4:55 pm


Films, Videos, Books and Essays arguing the case (Pros and Cons). Submit your own below.

To be expanded into a wiki article laying out the different arguments, approaches and policies + the active charities, activist organizations and political parties. Leave your suggestions below.





Can You Dig This?
"CAN YOU DIG THIS" follows the inspirational journeys of four unlikely gardeners, discovering what happens when they put their hands in the soil. This is not a story of science and economics. This is a story of the human spirit, inspiring people everywhere to pick up their shovels and "plant some shit."

Soul Food Junkies
Filmmaker Byron Hurt examines the soul-food tradition of black culture. Because soul food is often cooked with lots of fat, sugar and salt, it can lead to obesity and other health issues, as happened to Hurt's father, who died at age 63 from pancreatic cancer. Along the way, he talks with soul-food cooks, historians, doctors, and everyday people; and details the socioeconomic conditions in predominantly black neighborhoods that can make it difficult for residents to find healthy food options.

The Invisible Vegan (coming soon)
The Invisible Vegan is a 90-minute independent documentary that explores the problem of unhealthy dietary patterns in the African-American community, foregrounding the health and wellness possibilities enabled by plant-based vegan diets and lifestyle choices. Over the past three decades, coronary heart disease and diabetes have steadily grown as the leading causes of health problems in America, disproportionately impacting the African-American community in particular. This documentary offers both historical and contemporary perspectives on the dietary trends among African-Americans, showing how intertwined histories of slavery, twentieth-century socioeconomic inequalities, and the rise of Big Food have led to the increased consumption and dependence of meat, processed junk, and fast food. Starring Jasmine Leyva, Cedric the Entertainer, John Salley, Stic of Dead Prez and Tracye McQuirter. Video




a privileged vegan
•Re: "Why I'm not an intersectional/ social justice vegan" by Unnatural Vegan
•RE: "Dogmatic Justice vs. Morality/ Why I'm not an intersectional vegan" Unnatural Vegan
•VEGANISM IS CRUCIAL | Intersectional Justice
•Is Intersectionality A "Fringe Belief"??
•Veganism movement needs to be intersectional!
•Intersectionality Needs Veganism

Reg Flowers
•Unnatural Vegan Gets an "F" for Social Justice
•What is Intersectionality? Breaking through Activist Jargon
•Unnatural Vegan - The Miniseries
•Convertible: Ms. King Talks Intersectionality, Ethelene Crockett and Ben Carson
•What is Intersectionality? Breaking through Activist Jargon

•Why I’m a Social Justice Vegan
•Intersectionality & Intersectional Veganism Made Simple

Abantu May
•Veganism and decolonization
•Decolonizing my veganism (& other doubts)
•Questioning BEYOND veganism

The Viet Vegan
•Intersectional Chats: Is Veganism a Privilege?

Vegan Sista
•Black People won't go Vegan
•You're not Vegan if you do not care about Social Justice
•Vegan Gains and Unnatural Vegan are trolls: My 2 cents in 2 minutes

•Video response to Stef Sanjati "why I'm not a vegan"
•On transgender women and Ngozi Adichie

Plant Based Bride

•Why pro-intersectional veganism is important
•Intersectional Veganism isn't enough.
•This book shattered my approach to vegan activism | Aphro-ism review

Earthling Liberation Kollective - ELK
•zoophil-psychosis zine | audio version
•Transformative Justice for Animal Liberation

Cori Wong
•Feminist Friendship | Dr. Cori Wong | TEDxCSU
•Real People. Real Abortions. - Cori Wong (2017)
•Live to Tell Another Not Rape Story and Be a Better Bystander
•Think for a Change (31): Abortion in Class
•Think for a Change (29): That's Funny, You Don't Look American
•Think for a Change (28): My Favorite F-Word
•Think for a Change (27): Majority Rule for Minorities
•Think for a Change (25): Truth Beyond the Status Quo
•Think for a Change (23): Prop 8, DOMA, Red for Marriage Equality
•Think for a Change (21): Myphilifesophy - Past, Present, Future
•Think for a Change (19): The Other Ethical Problem with the Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal
•Think for a Change (18): Being a Good, Straight, White Man
•Think for a Change (17): It's Okay to Be Gay!
•Think for a Change (16): Re: White Teens Driving Over, Killing Black Man
•Think for a Change (15): Complex Human Interactions
•Think for a Change (13): Trouble for Old, Dead, White Guys
•Think for a Change (12): Re: Trans Woman Attacked at McDonald's
•Think for a Change (11): Freedom to Think Differently, or At All
•Think for a Change (10): What We Don't Know About Ignorance
•Think for a Change (9): RE: Asians in the UCLA Library
•Think for a Change (5): The Meaning of Life
•Think for a Change (4): Surviving Rape Scripts
•Think for a Change (3): Bedtime Story on Being Normal
•Think for a Change (1): Inspiring Role Models

Carol J. Adams
•"Politics and the absent referent in 2014″ - Neither Man Nor Beast

Dr. A. Breeze Harper
•How Neoliberal Whiteness Influences Mainstream Vegan Activism - HRAR 2013
•"[In]Visible Scars of Suffering" - Neither Man Nor Beast

Patrice Jones
•Keynote: Animals, Intersectionality, and "Rights" - HRAR 2013
•Closing Address - HRAR 2013

Sâkihitowin Awâsis
•"From Animal Rights to Anti-Colonial Organizing" - Neither Man Nor Beast
•Re-visioning Relations - Endangered Turtle

Wolfgang Chrapko
•Report Back from Dam Line 9!

Chloe Gleichman
•Mine is Yours: Collective Struggle, Heartbreak, and Strength - Endangered Turtle

Vanessa Gray
•The Front Line Reality of Canada's Chemical Valley - Endangered Turtle Mary Fantaske
•The Disabled Body and The Animal Body - HRAR 2013

mandy hiscocks
•OPEN THE CAGES! Zoos, labs, factory farms & the Prison Industrial Complex - HRAR

Lisa Kemmerer
•Sister Species - HRAR 2013

Margaret Robinson
•Indigenous veganism: Feminist Natives do eat tofu - HRAR 2013

Lauren Ornelas
•Beyond Veganism: Diet & Consumption in a Global World - HRAR 2013

Ruby Hamad
•HALAL: Perspectives on intersecting oppressions from a Muslim Vegan Feminist

Sunaura Taylor
•"Vegans, Freaks, and Animals" - Neither Man Nor Beast

Ashley Maier
•Ashley Maier -- "Violence Against Women and Animal Rights" - Neither Man Nor Beast

Mya Wollf
•Mya Wollf — "Interconnections of feminism, animal liberation and radical sobriety" - NMNB

Anastasia Yarborough
•"Contemplating radical self-care" - Neither Man Nor Beast

Hannah Monroe
•"Animals, Children's Books & the Social Construction of Gender" - NMNB

Daniel Kirjner
•"Masculinity and Violence" - Neither Man Nor Beast

Lori Gruen
•"Entangled Empathy as Ecofeminist Praxis" - Neither Man Nor Beast

Sarah Scanlon
•Introduction & Land Acknowledgement - Neither Man Nor Beast

•Brenda Sanders - A Comprehensive Intersectional Approach to Vegan Activism
•Pro-Intersectional Vegan Conference PREVIEW VLOG by A. Marie Houser
•Dr. Will Tuttle's Intro to Pro Intersectional Vegan Conference
•Pro-Intersectional Vegan Conference 2016 recorded talks
•Dr. Richard Twine - How does intersectionality complicate vegan transition?
•Christopher Sebastian - Intersections of Justice: Building an Inclusive Animal Rights Movement

365 Vegans
•365 Vegans Johanna Intersectionality
•Rap Attack Vegan Hip Hopper - Not being an Australian, Messages in Hip Hop, Intersectionality

The Advocacy of Veganism Society
•Veganism and Social Justice: Taking a Pro-Intersectional Approach - Sarah K. Woodcock - Part 1 of 2

Vegan Pregnancy and Parenting
•Is my Veganism Intersectional?

•Standing Point on veganism, intersectionality and animal liberation

Cringiest VEGAN Here HAIR
•Intersectionality, Veganism; My Whole-hearted Thoughts

ElectricMayhem87 (Ashleigh)
•ADDENDUM to "Why I AM a Social Justice Vegan"

•Get to know me: Intersectional Vegan Activist!!

Vegan Positivity
•Judgemental vegans, intersectional non-vegans, vegan umbrella, etc | Vlog #1 Anti


Unnatural Vegan
•Why I'm not an intersectional/social justice vegan
•Intersectionality Followups (digging myself in deeper?)
•Dogmatic Justice vs. Morality, Animal Experimentation, etc. (Intersectionality followup 1 of 3)
•Alienation and the importance of focused activism (Intersectionality followup 2 of 3)

•Veganism is NOT a Social Justice Movement.
•Critique of Earthling Ed: Vegans can’t offer “Social Justice” for animals.
•Zoopolis: a NON-VEGAN Political Theory of Animal Rights
•Jordan Peterson says Veganism is a Religion without a Philosophy.

Ranting Monkey
•Vegan Intersectionality A Case Study In Social Justice Stupidity

Ask Yourself
•Intersectionality is cancerous retardation.

Banana Warrior Princess
•LIVE! Discussing Intersectionality and #skepticchallenge with Ask Yourself and Vegan Gains

Independent Man
•Under the Radar: Intersectionality, Microaggressions, Annoying Vegans & Socialist Loonbags.

John Frankton
•Intersectional vegan cunts 😂

Vegan Police
•Egos, intersectionality and the vegan movement

Earthling Carl
•Veganism ≠ Intersectionality

On the fence:

Sonia Sae
•Intersectionality vs. Veganism


Paul Bashir
•Chatting with George Martin (What Veganism Needs, Intersectionality and More)



Anarchism and Animal Liberation; Essays on Complementary Elements of Total Liberation:
•Forward & Intro; Critical Animal Studies and Anarchist Studies for Total Liberation
•Intersectionality, Species and Social Domination
•“A wider vision”: Coercion, Solidarity and Animal Liberation
•‘Nailing Descartes to the wall’: Animal Rights, Veganism and Punk Culture,”
•Contemporary Anarchism, Animal Liberation and the Implications of New Philosophy
•Disturbing Places of Inter-Species Violence That Are Hidden in Plain Sight

Carol Adams:
•The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory

Corey Wrenn:
•A Rational Approach to Animal Rights: Extensions in Abolitionist Theory

Breeze Harper:
•Sistah Vegan: Black Female Vegans Speak on Food, Identity, Health and Society

Pattrice Jones:
• Ecofeminism: Feminist Intersections with Other Animals and the Earth

Donaldson and Kymlica:

Gary Francione
•Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach



Cori Wong:
•Feminist Friendship

Benjamin Franks:
•Anarchism: Ethics and Meta-Ethics

Wilfred Sellars:
•The Scientific Image of Man

Singh Jakeet:
•Beyond Free and Equal: Subalternity and the Limits of Liberal-Democracy

Martha Nussbaum:
•Frontiers of Justice: Disability, Nationality, Species Membership

Donaldson and Kymlica:
•Re: Farmed Animal Sanctuaries: The Heart of the Movement?
•Between the Species; An Interview
•Solidarity in diverse societies
•Afterword: Realigning Multiculturalism and Animal Rights

Christopher Sebastian McJetters:
•Yes to Intersectionality, Boo to Intersectional Vegans


Quotes & Summaries

Cori Wong: Feminist Friendships

Feminism is hard and complicated—doing good feminist work and doing work to be a good feminist is even harder, says Dr. Cori Wong. White feminists have a long history of ignoring intersectionality within the women’s movement; rather than leveraging differences among women as strengths and a resource, they continue to be ignored. Dr. Cori Wong developed a model of Feminist Friendship to call attention to the skills we already utilize to maintain our closest relationships as well as allow us to better engage in social justice.

Wilfred Sellars: The scientific image of man

Kauffman: In other words, it's not just about the world from a neutral description, from a neutral vantage point, it's about the world as represented by people, all right? And that's why a world that has normativity in it, that has agency in it. In the neutrally described world of science, there is no agency, that dryer, there is no normativity to me and are no values.

Massimo: That's right and I think that’s why, the tension there I think comes out, still out of the fact that even though other scientists, even today in the 21st century suffer from physics envy. And so the physics has been, since Galileo and Newton, you know the paragon of science, and yes it is a great science, is a great approach to reality, but it is in fact the furthest away from the subjective point of view, from the normative point of view and so on and so forth. What biology gets closer and then definitely the social sciences get right there, and that's why we have a plurality of Sciences, that's why we're not going to do away with the social sciences and reduce it to biology and then when we’ve got just biology reduce it to physics, that project to me is a non-starter, it makes no sense.

“Norms are not reduced away in Stellars naturalism…” and it’s important to remember that he is in fact a naturalist, he does accept the scientific image, doesn’t question it, doesn’t reject it, he’s not a mysticist, you know nothing like that. “He accommodates normativity, not as a basic ontological feature of the world, but whether as a conceptually irreducible indispensable aspect of the distinctively human activity, that ground’s those human activities,” so that I think is a very reasonable way of looking at them.

Frontiers of Justice: Disability, Nationality, Species Membership (Martha Nussbaum)

Nonhuman animals have been banished to the frontiers of justice because they are unable to understand, agree to, or live by a social contract. They are thus unequal, and lacking rational autonomy, unfree. Justice for animals is difficult to specify, because their capabilities vary and may be obscure. Nussbaum agrees with the utilitarian Peter Singer that the capacity for pain and pleasure identifies which creatures ought to be included in the moral community. But the capabilities approach requires more than simply relieving suffering and increasing pleasure. Besides stopping the fur trade and other cruel practices, humanity should try to accommodate the other needs of animals to exercise their capabilities. For example, perhaps zoos should provide large predators with equipment to exercise their predatory capabilities, without giving them prey animals to kill. The capabilities approach addresses many more dimensions of the quality of animals’ lives than the utilitarian.

Kymlicka: Solidarity in diverse societies

In the postwar period, projects of social justice have often drawn upon ideas of national solidarity, calling upon shared national identities to mobilize support for the welfare state. Several commentators have argued that increasing immigration, and the multiculturalism policies it often gives rise to, weaken this sense of national solidarity. This creates a potential “progressive’s dilemma”, forcing a choice between solidarity and diversity. My aim in this paper is two-fold: first, to argue for the importance of national solidarity as a progressive political resource; and second, to discuss how it can be reconciled with support for immigration and multiculturalism. I will try to identify the prospects for a multicultural national solidarity – a multicultural welfare state, if you will – and to contrast it with the two obvious alternatives: a neoliberal multiculturalism that champions mobility and diversity at the expense of national solidarity; and a welfare chauvinism that champions national solidarity at the expense of immigrants and minorities.

Aragorn Eloff: Animal Liberation and the Implications of New Philosophy

Aragorn Eloff’s “Do Anarchists Dream of Emancipated Sheep? Contemporary Anarchism, Animal Liberation and the Implications of New Philosophy” focuses on the relations between contemporary anarchism and animal right/liberation through the lens of Deleuze/Guattari–inflected complex systems theory. The content is rich and thought-provoking. Indeed there is much to be gained from focusing on the interesting research findings that Eloff highlights concerning the number of vegans in the broader anarchist milieu. The insights into the rationales behind the responses are particularly illuminating. The essay also includes an engaging historical discussion of anarchism and animal liberation, which will be of general interest to many readers. The essay then focuses intently, and critically, on the abstract machine of hierarchy and domination, which leads to an important consideration of the implications that this has for the everyday practices as anarchists and/or animal liberationists.

Ethical Nihilism / Moral Skepticism / Existentialism / Speculative Realism

Thus existentialism's focus on authenticity leads to a distinctive stance toward ethics and value-theory generally. The possibility of authenticity is a mark of my freedom, and it is through freedom that existentialism approaches questions of value, leading to many of its most recognizable doctrines.



•Anti-Vegan Article
•Animals shouldn't take backseat to intersectionality
•What Are Your Thoughts on Intersectional Veganism?
•The Issue with Gary Francione and Deontological Veganism?
•Factual Feminist on intersectionality
•Vegfems: A Primer
•Giving to the Homeless
•VIDEO Suggestions / Requests
•Intersectional veganism (Unnatural vegan video)
•Justice vs. Morality (UV video)
•Alienation and the importance of focused activism (UV video)
•Stef Sanjati Tries Veganism!!! ♡ Trans Vegans (APV video)
•Confronting Capitalism: The New Politics of Animal Liberation (APV video)
•Intersectionality is cancerous retardation.
•Hello! RE intersectionality amongst vegan peer group
•On the Limitations of “Veganism”
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