Environmentalist approach to advocacy for the animals and the planet.

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Environmentalist approach to advocacy for the animals and the planet.

Post by NonZeroSum » Wed Nov 01, 2017 1:36 am


Films, Videos, Books and Essays arguing the case. Submit your own below.

To be expanded into a wiki article laying out the different arguments, approaches and policies + the active charities, activist organizations and political parties. Leave your suggestions below.





Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret

A Sacred Duty: Applying Jewish Values To Help Heal The World

An Inconvenient Truth

The 11th Hour

A Fierce Green Fire


If a Tree Falls: The Story of the Earth Liberation Front


Coconut Revolution



•What If The World Went Vegetarian?

•Are Vegetarians Better for the Environment?

TEDx Talks
•Ending the battle between vegans, vegetarians, and everyone else | Brian Kateman | TEDxCUNY
•Environmental Benefits of Veganism | Christian Hextrum | TEDxCardinalNewmanHS

•Cartoon - Humans Cruel Selfish Stupid Destroy Environment Trump Animals Vegan Vegetarian Wildlife
•Human Overpopulation Effects (Earth Environment Vegan Religion GOD Christian Abortion War Hunger)

•Rich Roll on Self-Transformation, Environmental Impact of Food, and the Plant-Based Diet

•River Phoenix on environmentalism and veganism

Mic. the Vegan
•Why Vegan Diet Failed In Land Use Study
•No Baby, No Car, or No Meat? Environmental Study Results
•Ditching veganism to raise grass-fed beef for the environment
•Why Vegan Diet Failed In Land Use Study
•Environmental Mic. the Vegan Binge
•Cowspiracy is Bull
•NEW STUDY: Best Diet To Feed The World Is...

•VeganFuture promotes the health and environmental benefits of the vegan lifestyle. In addition we aim to raise awareness about ...

•Veganism & Environmentalism

Bite Size Vegan
•You CANNOT Be a Non-Vegan Environmentalist!
•★Vegan Environmental & Social Impact★
•★Fish & Marine Life: Ethics & Environmental Cost★
•Everything Wrong With Environmentalism In 11 Minutes Or Less!!

Unnatural Vegan
•Veg diets ARE better for the environment...most of the time (thoughts on veg & anti-veg propaganda)
•Will farm animal species go extinct if the world goes vegan? If so, does it matter?
•Don’t care about animals? 5 reasons you should still go vegan

Plantiful Health
•A Vegetarian Diet is WORSE for the Environment Than A Meat-Eating Diet

Happy Healthy Vegan
•Vegan Activist Called Out For Wearing Leather On TV. WTF?

•Leonardo DiCaprio | Environmentalist or Fraud?

Earthling Ed

Hench Herbivore
•Full Day Of Eating | Confronting Non-Vegan "Environmentalists" | Vegan Cut

•Top 5 Surprising Vegan Super Heroes

•Dr. Bruce Lipton - Biology of Belief - Plant-Based Environment = Healthy Humans

The Vegan Activist
•Eating vegan to save the environment?

•Go Vegan For Planet Earth

•Environmental Impacts of Vegan Diet VS Meat-Eating Diet

Noam Ross
•Davis R Users' Group Vegan Workshop with Tim Bowles

•EARTH DAY (Environment + Go Vegetarian Really Go Green) Global Warming

Izzy D
•Think Green, Eat Green: Research Project on food production and environmental sustainability.

•Vegetarianism and the Environment

Environmental Media Association
•Russell Simmons Honored at the 2017 EMA Awards

•"Environmental Benefits of a Plant-based Diet". Speaker: Home Le'amohala

•Meat Kills Earth- Environmental Vegan Rap Song Music Video

•ENVIRONMENT (Go Vegetarian Al Gore Vegan) Save Planet Climate Change Global Warming Water Ice Melt

•Arnold Schwarzenegger Says Go Vegan For the Environment

Earthling Ed

•The Nature of Nature: Mod Vegan in Conversation with Eisel Mazard.
•Vegans vs. the Wildlife Management Paradigm.
•Anthropomorphism, Domestication (of Pets) vs. the Wildlife Management Paradigm.
•Q&A about my “Core Message”, Domestication vs. the Wild, etc., with Alejandro.
•Veganism: Motivational Methods for Vegan Advocacy, by Casey T. Taft, Book Review.
•Autonomy vs Dignity, Wildlife in Veganism and Ecology in the 21st century
•Wheat Kills: vs. Vegan Gains (vs. No Bullshit)
•Animals that CANNOT survive in the wild: doomed to extinction & museum exhibits?
•Vegans vs. the Wildlife Management Paradigm.
•Riddle of the Lion’s Roar: Animal Sanctuaries, Zoos & Wildlife Management.
•Autonomy vs Dignity, Wildlife in Veganism and Ecology in the 21st century
•Domestication vs. “the Wild”: Vegans & the A.R. Paradigm
•Nature vs. Culture vs. Nutrition
•The Appeal to Nature Fallacy (vegan / vegans / veganism)
•Book Review: Half Earth by Edward O. Wilson.

tai pham
•Eat Vegetarian to Save the Planet! How Eating Vegetarian Helps the Environment

Metro US
•Why a vegetarian diet is good for the environment

•1 Minute Vegan - Plant-Based Environment - Healing - Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.

•How to Be Vegetarian : Environmental Reasons for Vegetarian Diets

•VEGAN FUTURE ??? Why How most will have to go Vegetarian ( Environment Hunger Health Animals PETA )

•Vanessa Eats Vegetarian Food for Health, Moral and Environmental Reasons
•A Vegetarian to Vegan to Gluten-Free Journey for Health, Compassion and Environment

•ENVIRONMENT Go Green Go Vegan, Nuclear Power, Japan, Earthquake, BP Oil, Global Warming, Green Peace

Rudt Wang
•The 4th Asian Vegetarian Congress (Health, Environment, Ethics)

•Environmental Humanities: Vegan Athletes

Veggie Channel
•Switching to a vegan diet is better for the environment

•Francesca A Page | Environmental Vegan Artist | Vevolution Activism and Campaigning

•Jo Dirix - "Are you a climate vegan?" - the environment, a matter of intersectionality (IARC 2016)

Sonia Sae
•Environmentalism vs. Veganism

Jenny Cleary
•Cowspiracy - Environmentalist and Vegan Review



Most influential books in the environmentalist movement history:

A Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold.

What can be said of Sand County Almanac? It is simply one of the great works of nature literature and from it has sprung the environmental movement. It was over 50 years ago that the book was first published, but his words and insights are as fresh as ever.

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson.

Rachel Carson's Silent Spring is clearly one of the most important environmental books ever published. Using scientific research and persuasive logic, Carson warned of the consequences of careless use of pesticides.

Murray Bookchin publishes Our Synthetic Environment

Ralph Nader publishes Unsafe at Any Speed

The Population Bomb by Paul R. Ehrlich.

Wikipedia Review: This is the best-selling book written by Paul R. Ehrlich in 1968. It predicted the mass starvation of humans in 1970's and 1980s due to overpopulation and advocated immediate action to limit the population explosion. The book also popularized the previously coined term, population bomb.

René Dubos publishes So Human an Animal

Francis A. Schaeffer publishes Pollution and the Death of Man.

The Club of Rome publishes its report Limits to Growth

A Blueprint for Survival published.

E. F. Schumacher publishes Small Is Beautiful.

Samuel Epstein publishes The Politics of Cancer

David Ehrenfeld publishes The Arrogance of Humanism

Hans Jonas publishes The Imperative of Responsibility: In Search of Ethics for the Technological Age.

William R. Catton, Jr. publishes Overshoot: The Ecological Basis of Revolutionary Change

State of the World Series by Worldwatch Institute.

State of the World is a series of books about trends in sustainable development. Published in 36 languages, the books explore issues dealing with population, energy, agriculture, health, and trade policy. Topics are covered from a global perspective, with an emphasis on innovation and problem-solving. Used worldwide by members of the news media and policymakers, the books are known for their reliability.

Soft Energy Paths by Amory B. Lovins.

First published in the 197o's, Soft Paths is about such technologies as solar, wind, biofuels, geothermal, etc. Since the book was published much has been written about these types of technologies, but the book serves as an important historic milestone: an intelligent and convincing argument for conservation and the use of renewable energy.

Natural Capitalism by Paul Hawken, Amory B. Lovins, et. al.

Review from Publisher's Weekly: The authors have put together an ambitious, visionary monster of a book advocating "natural capitalism." What is natural capitalism? It is way of thinking that seeks to apply market principles to all sources of material value, most importantly natural resources. The authors have two related goals: first, to show the vast array of ecologically smart options available to businesses; second, to argue that it is possible for society and industry to adopt them.

The Ecology of Commerce by Paul Hawken.

Amazon's Review: Hawken is on a one-man crusade to reform our economic system by demanding that First World businesses reduce their consumption of energy and resources by 80 percent in the next 50 years. As if that weren't enough, Hawken argues that business goals should be redefined to embrace such fuzzy categories as whether the work is aesthetically pleasing and the employees are having fun; this applies to corporate giants and mom-and-pop operations alike. He proposes a culture of business in which the real world, the natural world, is allowed to flourish as well, and in which the planet's needs are addressed.

Steady State Economics by Herman Daly.

Amazon's Review: First published in 1977, this volume caused a sensation because of Herman Daly's radical view that "enough is best." Today, his ideas are recognized as the key to sustainable development, and Steady State Economics is universally acknowledged as the leading book on the economics of sustainability.

Our Stolen Future by Theo Colborn.

Amazon Review: Our Stolen Future identifies the various ways in which chemical pollutants in the environment are disrupting human reproductive patterns and causing such problems as birth defects, sexual abnormalities, and reproductive failure.

Scarcity and Growth by Harold J Barnett and Chandler Morse.

This is an important and classical historical work on sustainable economic thought. In their 1963 book, Howard Barnett and Chandler Morse argued that resource scarcity did not threaten economic growth. A second investigation in the late 1970s, Scarcity and Growth Reconsidered, reached largely the same conclusion.




•Eating Wild Food: The challenges, benefits and consequences by Fergus the Forager from the book Local Food: How to Make it Happen in Your Community
•Knowing the land is Resistance – Towards An Anarchist Ecology
•Radical Mycology– Radical Mycology; an SLF Primer
•london anarcha feminist kolektiv– Chickweed
•Sandor Ellix Katz – Wild Fermentation
•Sprout Distro – Edible Wild Plants Of West Michigan Volume 1


•Creating a flower meadow – Yvette Verner
•The Complete Urban Farmer – David Wickers
•The Good Life – Helen and Scott Nearing

Rewilding/ Preservationist

•Decolonizing Nature, Strategies for Conservation in a Postcolonial Era
◦When nature won’t stay still: Conservation, equilibrium and control by William M Adams
•Community Based Forest and Livelihood Management in Nepal
•Creatures of Empire; How Domestic Animals Transformed Early America
•Ecocriticism: The Essential Reader


“The key features of our system are its low cost, ease of maintenance, modularity, and versatility to different pollution situations. These factors will aid us in scaling this project to the wide span of the problem.” - Amazonmycorenewal

•Mycorenewal summer camp – John Michelotti
•The Female & Fungi
•Wild Child Santa Cruz – Maya Elson
•The Radical Mycology Movement: Healing the World with Mushrooms
•Earth Repair: A Grassroots Guide to Healing Toxic and Damaged Landscapes

National Parks vs People

How governments are using traditional conservationism badly and evicting indigenous populations for tourism and profit.

•Global Enclosures An Ecosystem at Your Service
•People, Parks and Poverty – Political Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation
•Dean Puckett & Sengwer: Conservation vs Communities
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