Vegan Collaborations and Debate

Vegan message board for support on vegan related issues and questions.
Topics include philosophy, activism, effective altruism, plant-based nutrition, and diet advice/discussion whether high carb, low carb (eco atkins/vegan keto) or anything in between.
Meat eater vs. Vegan debate welcome, but please keep it within debate topics.
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Vegan Collaborations and Debate

Post by NonZeroSum » Mon Oct 23, 2017 2:52 pm

Suggest your own below. Videos are in their own subject specific categories for each youtuners pages and separated by topic for the library, but list especially for those interested in the context of back and forth.


Vegan Collaborations

•Vegan Gains and
◦Happy Healthy Vegan (sociopathy and 'The Grandfather Video')
◦Josef Lincoln (Shootin' the Vegan Sh*t)
◦Banana Warrior Princess (on Intersectionality and #skepticchallenge)
◦a-bas-le-ciel (on Toronto Pig Save, the Police, Army and Prison, Body Image, Durianrider, Ecology, Climate Change, Marriage, Nietzsche, Nikocado Avocado, #DOGGATE, Black Lives Matter, Authenticy, Wildlife Management, Canada Goose)

•Unnatural Vegan and
◦The Vegan Atheist (10 Reasons it Sucks to be a Vegan)

•Light Twins and
◦a-bas-le-ciel (on durianrider and name change)

•BiteSizeVegan and
◦Vegan Revolution (on )

•Happy Healthy Vegan and
◦Vegan Gains

•Think About This◦Ask Yourself (on debate)
◦Vegan Revolution (on debate)

•Ask Yourself and◦Vegan Victor (on supporting new vegans)

•a privileged vegan and◦Reg Flowers (on ALT SPACE)
◦Nichole and Callie from the Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack Podcast. (on Allyship)
◦Lauren Ornealas of the Food Empowerment Project (on Farm Workers’ rights/ the Food Empowerment Project)
◦Collectively Free (on Radical activism, queerness, dating, self-care)
◦Samantha (on African-centered Vegan Homeschool)
◦The Onion Knight (on Clifton Roberts, The Humane Party & 2016 Election)
◦Lily Ka (on French History and Whitewashing)
◦Zavi (Korean culture and Veganism)

•a-bas-le-ciel and
◦ModVegan (on Francione, Abolitionism, PETA and Peter Singer)
◦Tofu Godess (on the Green Party, praxis, educational content, dating, diet, boardrooms, self-sacrifice
◦American Unicorn (formerly PlantBasedHippy) (on Sex, Slander, Politics & Potential, the Wildlife Management Paradigm.
◦Dumb Vegan (on Why Did You Start a Youtube Channel? And Durianrider)
◦Vegan Lass (on Palm Oil and Durianrider)
◦Dexter Deveau (formerly Lance Carbstrong) (on Substance and Scandal, Friendship and Politics via YouTube, the Future of the Vegan Movement)
◦Reg Flowers (on Black Lives Matter)
◦Kiwi Banana (on humanitarian work in Laos)
◦Zahria (on Pig save and emotions)
◦Steven Feit (on organizing, community, utilitarianism)
◦Conradical Vegan (on Friends, strangers and activists)
◦Lea P (on Gaining Weight on Freelee’s Diet advice)
◦Jake Eames (on Chiang Mai)
◦The Violent Vegan (on Buddhism)
◦Lauren Kenzy (on )
◦Jason Pizzino (on Thailand, Life, Politics, Leadership & Living for the Cause)
◦The Vegan Transition (on Abolitionism)
◦Angry Vegan (on Durianrider court case)


Vegan vs. Vegan Debate

•Fully Raw Kristina vs.
◦Unnatural Vegan (on diet pseudoscience and activism)
◦Mod Vegan (on blackface and privilege)

•Freelee vs.
◦Unnatural Vegan (on diet pseudoscience, effective advocacy, biodynamic farming and anti-natalism)

•High Carb Hannah vs.
◦Unnatural Vegan (on diet pseudoscience)

•Vegan Gains vs.
◦Unnatural Vegan (on effective activism and anti-natalism)
◦The Vegan Atheist (on effective activism)
◦a-bas-le-ciel (on racism)

•Mayim Bialik vs.
◦Unnatural Vegan (on the history of animal cruelty)

•Durianrider vs.
◦Unnatural Vegan (on defemation and lies)
◦a-bas-le-ciel (on defamation lawsuit, permanent vacation philosophy and diet pseudoscience)

•BiteSizeVegan vs.
◦a privileged vegan (on white supremacism)

•Happy Healthy Vegan vs.
◦Unnatural Vegan (on diet pseudoscience)
◦a-bas-le-ciel (on lifestyle activism)

•Mic. the Vegan vs.
◦Unnatural Vegan (on accessible nutrition advice)

•Unnatural Vegan vs.
◦Gary Francione (on dumpster diving & puritanism)
◦Gary Yourofsky (on ad-hominum and misanthropy)
◦That Vegan Couple (on babies dying from malnutrition)
◦Ask Yourself (on namethetrait and racism)
◦a-bas-le-ciel (on critique, consequentialism and pet domestication.
◦Vegan Cheetah (on the definition of veganism, effective advocacy and SuperMeat)
◦Dombower (on drama)
◦Brianna Jackson (on effective advocacy)
◦Vegetable Police (on nazi propaganda and effective activism)
◦Check Your Activism (on racism and eugenics).

•Charles Marlowe
◦Ask Yourself (on effective advocacy)
◦a-bas-le-ciel (on fame whoring, defamation and principles)Charles Marlowe

•Vegan Revolution
◦a-bas-le-ciel (on holocaust denial, the dramaful history and future of the vegan movement)

•Ask Yourself
◦a-bas-le-ciel (on racism, values and advocacy)
◦Philosophical Vegan (on subjectivism and namethetrait)
◦OGMizen (on relevant criticism)
◦NorVegan (on correct use of the term narcissist)
◦Jack Green (on preachiness)
◦Zarna Joshi (on police racism)
◦Vegan Victor (on supporting new vegans)

•a privileged vegan vs.
◦a-bas-le-ciel (on racism)

•à-bas-le-ciel vs.
◦Joe Vegan (on drama and farm sanctuary)
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