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Forum rules update?

Post by brimstoneSalad » Mon May 11, 2015 4:30 pm

We should probably update the forum rules to be much shorter and simpler.

I'd recommend:

1. This is a discussion forum. That means attempting to engage with others rationally, and address arguments. Aside from the off topic threads where people are just joking around, any reply to topical posts in topical threads should endeavor to contain substance.

Inappropriate replies to an argument:


Fuck you, you're just an idiot. I'm right and you're wrong!

Appropriate, albeit arguably rude, replies to an argument:

That's called a Theodicy, and there are a lot of opinions on that. Can you narrow it down and clarify which one you subscribe to, because your comments are too vague. The rest of it, the anecdote, is irrelevant: TL/DR.

Fuck you and the straw man you rode in on. I never said I believe that, and I said exactly the opposite. Read the second line of my first post in this thread. I'm right and you're wrong, the sooner you admit that and address the real argument, the sooner you can stop being an idiot!

That also means no broken records.
Asserting the same thing again and again without responding to arguments is not acceptable. Say your piece, then respond to arguments. Don't post it all over the forum and ignore reasoned responses. That is, at best, spamming.

Inappropriate repetition:

Jesus is lord because the Bible says so

We don't accept the Bible is evidence, it's just a book.

The Bible says it was witten by GOD, so it's proof!

Appropriate response:

Jesus is lord because the Bible says so

We don't accept the Bible is evidence, it's just a book.

The Bible contains a lot of historical facts, which makes the rest of it legitimate too

Actually, it doesn't. Nothing prevents accurate historical facts and fictionalization from sharing the same page, much less the same book.
If written today, it's called historical fiction. At the time, it was just contemporary religious fiction with commonly known facts which have simply been forgotten.

But the Bible also contains facts of science and prophecy nobody could have known at the time.

Any substantual work contains random guessed or made up facts that turn out, accidentally, to be correct. Here's a big list: ... lyAccurate

Yes, but the Bible has inspired billions of people to believe in it, and has been tested by popularity

See the difference?

Respond to arguments. Post new arguments. Try to concede when you are shown to be mistaken on some point. Clarify when you have been misunderstood. Ask for clarification when you don't understand.

Keep the discussion going.

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