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Zero Waste (wiki)

Post by NonZeroSum » Sun Jul 16, 2017 8:05 pm

Talk Page

*Changed the name as zero waste is a big philosophy movement while reducing is more analogous to being frugal, we can talk about how most people who subscribe to zero waste philosophy identify as 'moving towards' and in the critique section talk about what it would mean to try and make a better term for reducing waste more popular.

Whilst freeganism can be linked to an abundance philosophy of
treating urban waste as a "natural" resource and approach dumpster diving as a practice analogous to hunting or gathering.[20]
Zero waste is most closely analogues to minimalism.

brimstoneSalad has written somewhere that he promotes utility efficiency rather than zero waste or minimalism, drawing an example to bidets.


These were all the thread titles that could find on the subject, will use the site search function for text now:
•the waste debate
•Say no to bottled water

Advice Page


Facts & Information

- How to
- Critique

- Effective Activism
- Virtue Activism
- Policy

Alternative Perspectives
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