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Fyganiaid am byth
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Bore da

Post by Fyganiaid am byth » Sat Oct 19, 2019 4:24 am

Good morning all.
I'm from Wales, although I can't claim to be Welsh, more of an honorary Welsh girl than the real deal 😊
I've a been a Veterinary Nurse my whole career and have spent my life looking after animals in one setting or another. It was this work that got me interested in veganism as I remember many many years ago now, at the beginning of my career, thinking how weird it was that a farm vet had spent the morning tending to an injured cow and then had a steak pasty or pie or something (don't remember exactly) for lunch. I'd been vegetarian since my teenage years and I'd never heard of veganism before, but this one event made me really examine my food choices and try and extend my vegetarianism into a series of life style alterations including but also beyond diet.
Here I am all these years later, still doing the animal thing, still doing my best to avoid being a part of any animal exploitation and still having soft conversations and creating new vegans.
I prefer a gentle approach to vegan activism. Shouty blamey monologues don't work for me, I'm not that good at it. So I go with my soft approach and avoid guilt trips and name calling (no-one embraces veganism by being shouted at and called a murdering rapist in my experience). Conversion rate so far is pretty good, I've lost count in fact. Not all are vegan but many are vegetarian or have drastically reduced their animal product consumption so I consider them all a win. And they're all proud of what they've done and get excited to tell me new foods they've discovered or new eateries or products or whatever. Small steps and encouragement; can't beat it in my opinion.
I'm excited to find this space. Can't wait to get reading and discovering new perspectives and information. 🤓

Feganiaid am byth. (Vegan forever).

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neither stone nor salad
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Post by brimstoneSalad » Sat Oct 19, 2019 3:02 pm

Hi Feganiaid, that's awesome, I'm glad you've had so much success. It must be very motivating to have them come back to you about new things they're trying. Great intro story! Please don't hesitate to jump in on other threads.

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