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Post by okhowaboutnow » Fri Aug 10, 2018 2:50 pm

Hi All,

I just joined this site because of mention by Unnatural Vegan in one of her "anti-intersectionality" videos. I've been a vegan for a few years now, and while it began as a long-term personal health decision, about two years in a switch flipped and I understood in my heart the ethical arguments and my commitment became much more deeply grounded.

The ethical orientation changed my veganism in many ways. It became more personal, and also more outward focused, as I began to see the connections with other social justice movements I was already sympathetic to but not doing much to actively support. This intersectional awareness, which I have bolstered and continue to develop with excellent books and just thinking things through (with my heart), came naturally from the compassionate perspective that the ethical orientation of my veganism lit in me.

So I was curious to discover that there were people in the vegan movement who would actually be vocally and philosophically ANTI-intersectional such as Unnatural Vegan and, apparently, the majority of this forum? (Please see my other and actually first post under Brother AJ's "Who is this freak?" discussion for why I came to that conclusion, and my questioning of the reasons why.)

(I'm not sure how to link that other post of mine, but if you click on my profile it'll be there -- as you all know, lol.)

I look forward to understanding more what this group is about, just how homogenous yall are, and to the discussions that follow!


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