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Re: Howdy.

Post by thebestofenergy » Mon Jun 23, 2014 8:09 am

Volenta wrote:
thebestofenergy wrote:I recommend to take 250mcg daily of cyanocobalamin (the most efficient type of B12), or 2500mcg weekly (the math doesn't add up because of how much the body can assume at a time, if you care I can explain).
Are you sure it's cyanocobalamin? Those are cheaper, but I actually thought methylcobalamin was more efficient.

I actually have one in my mouth right now. :D
You can check this article here ... isonSN.pdf; it compares the different types of vitamin B12.
It's not only the cheapest; your body absorbs a max. of about 1.5-2 mcg of cyanocobalamin at a time (after that, you B12 receptors become saturated), + 1% that goes into your blood (so if you take 250 mcg, it's 1.5 mcg + 2.5 mcg(1%) = 4 mcg). With methylcobalamin you must take a mugh higher dose to have the same mcg absorbed (the recommended dose is 1000-2000 mcg per day).
Both doctor Greger (you can find him on Youtube, trustworthy channel) and Jack Norris, both vegan, recommend cyanocobalamin ( ... ld-i-take/), but both cyano and methyl are perfectly fine.
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