Did god really condemn mankind? Is god a just god?

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Did god really condemn mankind? Is god a just god?

Post by Greatest I am » Sat Sep 14, 2019 2:55 pm

Did god really condemn mankind? Is god a just god?

God’s condemnation is quite severe. Hell and death, if you are a literalist believer.

Meanwhile, scriptures say that the penalty for sin is closer to what we generally view as justice. That justice being an eye for an eye. This means that the penalty is close to the severity of the sin. If I kill, I earn death. If I steal, I only forfeit my wealth. I do not earn death. This justice seems fair to me.

Since few of us ever kill, few of us should earn hell and death. Yet scriptures indicate that the vast majority of our souls end in hell and death, while only the few reach heaven.

Can god be just if he exceeds the good justice standard that the bible, god’s WORD, claims is just?

There is no doubt that we are all sinners. Be that condition, imposed by god or nature, is forced upon us at birth.

If you think you have been condemned to hell and death and need a savior, can you tell us what sin of yours earned you hell and death?



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