Mass Shootings

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Mass Shootings

Post by PsYcHo » Sat Dec 01, 2018 7:15 pm

I find it interesting that when it comes to gun control, both sides are "ruled" by fear.

My left leaning friends fear crazies with guns shooting everyone, so they want to ban/restrict guns.

My right leaning friends also fear crazies with guns shooting everyone, so they want their own guns to shoot back at the crazies.

What are people's thoughts about the "DONT NAME THEM" campaign. Basically, it encourages media outlets to stop spending days/weeks giving the people who commit horrible crimes the attention that they so desperately crave, thus encouraging the next loser with a gun/truck/bomb to get their week of infamy?

The "Right of the People to KNOW!" seems like a right that should have restrictions as well, if it could lead to less harm by individuals. It also seems like a simpler law to enforce than restricting certain guns/accessories, since those (guns and accessories) already are out there, but the next week long expose' of the latest mass shooter isn't out there yet, and that IS something we could actually stop. Like now...

(and for those who wish to point out that it is hypocritical for a Libertarian type to suggest a law, I know. I'm a realist. I think this is a fair middle ground between Anarchy and Socialism.)
Alcohol may have been a factor.

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