Japan's equivalent of the alt-right

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Japan's equivalent of the alt-right

Post by Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz » Tue Jan 02, 2018 10:14 am

In the west, a movement known as the alt-right has arisen. The alt-right is a rebranding of fascism equipped for the 21st century. Fascism was intended as a "third position" instead of socialism and traditional capitalism (although fascism is inherently capitalistic due to its foundation being upon private modes of production). Similarly the alt-right was intended by its founder Richard B. Spencer, a mentally and morally corrupted degenerate, as a right-wing ideology in opposition to both the left and mainstream rightism (hence the name "alternative right", it is an alternative version of right-wing politics). Among the despicable things that those in the alt-right support is white nationalism, white supremacy and usually Neo-Nazism. However, this movement is not exclusive to the west. Versions of it has also arisen in Asian countries also, such as Japan. One key figure in the rising Japanese nationalist movement is Makoto Sakurai:


Look carefully at that man! That loathsome piece of human garbage is the leader of the "Japan First Party". Why is it that every one of these vile nationalist movements always has a name such as this? The "America First" movement in the United States, the "Britain First" organization in the UK, and now this! What they really want is not what is best for their country but for the capitalist bourgeoisie parasites who leech off of the labour of the proletarians and use these "First" movements as tools to scapegoat ethnic and religious minorities for crimes of the capitalist bourgeoisie.

Sakurai is truly an animation of excrement. This fascist supports the abolition of democracy in Japan and the restoration of "Japanese democracy" where the Emperor has the most power. In effect, a restoration of the days of Showa Fascism in Japan. This Fascism, just like Mussolini's Fascism in Italy, Hitler's Fascism in Germany, Franco's Fascism in Spain, Syngman Rhee's Fascism in south Korea and Pinochet's Fascism in Chile, presided over much human rights abuses. The most notable is probably the Nanking Massacre, a mass murder and mass rape committed by Japanese fascist imperialists. Japanese far-right nationalists (in parallel to holocaust denial by Neo-Nazis) deny the incident even happened! As well as that, the Japanese imperialists during the Second World War, due to Japanese culture surrounding honour and shame, would brutally treat prisoners of war, as they considered it shameful to allow yourself to be captured by the enemy.

Sakurai is also a racist. He is in particular racist towards Koreans. This anti-Korean sentiment has existed in Japan for some time due to the imperialist propaganda against the DPRK. It has led to protests against the Chongryon, an organisation for Korean residents residing in Japan that has close ties to the DPRK. This has even led to students at Chongryon schools suffering verbal abuse from wicked fascists on the streets. The bastard Sakurai wants to reinforce taxation on the Chongryon and even to the Mindan (The other association for Korean residents residing in Japan; Unlike the Chongryon, the Mindan is for those Koreans who identify with the U.S. puppet state in south Korea, rather than the DPRK). This is because Sakurai is a racist bastard.

The Japanese Left has played a key role in fighting against anti-Korean sentiment. The Japanese Social Democratic Party, for instance, had good relations with the DPRK when in power. However, anti-Korean sentiment has wrapped its hateful tentacles around Japan as the Left has lost influence.

Prime Minister and Chief Bastard Shinzo Abe is a nationalist and has increased tensions with the DPRK, increasing anti-Korean sentiment in Japan as a result.

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