Dead Man Analysis - Psychedelic Western, Colonialism & Spiritual Purgatory [Mirrored Clips]

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Dead Man Analysis - Psychedelic Western, Colonialism & Spiritual Purgatory [Mirrored Clips]

Post by NonZeroSum » Thu Nov 30, 2017 12:23 pm


Western, Colonialism & Spiritual Purgatory [Mirrored Clips]

Original longer version:

The original contained a lot of unverified film theory which I think holds a lot of weight, but also wanted to spread the really illuminating analysis contained within for quick viewing. Click the link above for further character analysis, reincarnation theory and more detail on genocide theme.

An analysis on Dead Man and a theory on why William Blake is in purgatory.
~ Introduction and plot summary
~ Purgatory
- Who is Mr Dickinson and what do horses symbolise?
~ Stupid Fucking White Men
- Why does Nobody ask for tobacco? Themes of genocide. Themes of broken contracts.
~ Blake's Journey
- Peyote, spirit quest and new found reverence for culture.
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