explanation please? (evolution)

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explanation please? (evolution)

Post by thetruemasterofgames » Thu Nov 05, 2015 5:53 pm

I have heard alot of religious people say evolution is 100% fake but I want to hear their explanation behind the fossil records(yes I know we can't place an exact age from the fossils but we can generalize if they are older or not by the levels they go to) or the change in the common fruit fly from 2 wings to 4 and then a change to help them breath better after that
And before you make the "if we come from monkey's why are their still monkeys" its because evolution is from adaptions and mutations overtime if for example the apes we come from were in a hotter area it would explain hair loss and the ones in a colder area would stay the same or get hairier there are many factors that make evolution branch off in many ways
I am noit saying you need to give up your beliefs I just want to see what your explanations are for this or thoughts to why

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