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Join Me on TabForACause

Post by Red » Sat Jan 05, 2019 1:42 pm

Hey guys, there's this great app you can add to your browser, and every time you open a new tab, you raise money from the ads (or hearts), and you can donate it to one of 9 different charities. It has a great interface, and even offers a nice homepage of sorts where you can organize to-dos and whatnot, as well as having several nice backgrounds to choose from. So far, on both of my accounts combined, I donated about 7000 hearts over the past 2 and a half years.

I think it's a great app, and even makes internet procrastination a trifle bit productive.

My only real issue with it is that one of the Charities known as Give Directly, which gives the money to poor families directly (as the name implies), which allows them to spend the money on whatever they need the most. This sounds like a great idea (and may even work), but one of the issues I have with it is that the money spend may not be used in the most productive way, and could potentially be wasteful. It's like with food stamps; it seems like a great idea, but a lot of people go out and buy sodas and junk food. I mean, I haven't looked into the Charity much, so they probably have a way to have a work around to this, but I'm not sure.

It'd also be nice if they had an option to donate to MercyForAnimals, but I guess we're not at that level yet.

But aside from those issues, overall, it's an amazing app. Here's a link to their most recent financial report:

So, please consider joining me on there. Oh yeah, and I get an extra 350 hearts whenever I invite someone, so please use the following ling. ;)
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